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Overcoming Adhesive Challenges in the Folding/Gluing Process

Originally published in Foil & Specialty Effects Association, Aug-Sept 2014

When trying to put the finishing touches on a project, temperature, humidity, coatings and adhesives can conspire to create some unique challenges in terms of folding/gluing. InsideFinishing magazine consulted with industry experts at W. H. Leary, Capital Adhesives and PPC Technologies & Solutions LLC to discuss solutions to these challenges. (Read full story here)

Braille Inspection

Originally published in Folding Carton Industry Magazine, Nov-Dec 2012

Falconer Print & Packaging recently enhanced its production capabilities becoming the first company in the UK to install W. H. Leary’s new in-line Braille inspection system. The purchase was part of a wider project to increase capacity in the finishing department, which included the installation of a new Heidelberg Diana X gluer with integrated in-line Braille embossing. (Read full story here)

Glossop Goes For Growth

Originally published in Folding Carton Industry Magazine, June 2011

It’s been a busy few months for UK based Glossop Cartons. Having continued its ongoing investment program with the installation of a new Bobst Expertfold gluer, the company has also bought the order book and employed many of the staff of Manchester’s failed Clowes Printers, almost doubling its turnover overnight. … To complement the Expertfold, Glossop Cartons has also invested in a high specification W. H. Leary Array glue system, which delivers precise gluing control regardless of machine speed or the complexity of the application. (Read full story here)

Exploring Leary's New Array Gluing and Quality Assurance System

Originally published in Folding Carton Industry Magazine, Sept-Oct 2010

This year saw the launch of W. H. Leary's new Array integrated gluing and quality assurance system. It benefits from upgraded hardware and software along with some new sensor technology and promises many new features and system enhancements - all designed to deliver greater benefits to folding carton manufacturers. (Read full story here)

W. H. Leary Product Developments

 Originally Published in Folding Carton Industry Magazine, Sept-Oct 2009

With over 40 years' experience in the development of glue application and quality assurance technologies. W. H. Leary has established itself as a market leader in supplying these solutions to the folding carton industry. "We offer solutions from the very simplest to the most complex automatic multi-valve systems for high speed machines." (Read full story here)

Productivity Boost at Delta Packaging

Originally Published in Folding Carton Industry Magazine Mar-Apr 2008

It was back in 2002 that W. H. Leary Company became involved with Delta Packaging, the Belfast, Northern Ireland based folding carton producer. At that time, Delta’s fries-scoop gluing production line became the first in the factory to have a Leary non-contact gluing and glue detection system installed. Prior to that, the gluer was limited to around 60,000 cartons per hour. (Read full story here)