Spray Rejection

Atomizing Spray Valve for Product Marking

Some machines may not have room for an ejection system. In this case Leary offers a spray rejection option using a Jet250 valve.

Our system will identify each bad product and activate the spray valve so the defective product can be identified and manually removed at the end of the machine. Our atomizing spray valve will only mark the product at a specific location. This device has a manual adjust air intake port which can increase or decrease the amount of moisture and the pressure of the spray mist. Additional flow controls are accessible at the pressure tank and FRL.

The pressure tank is usually filled with water and either colored or tinted with UV. If tinted, the sprayed mark will only be detected under a UV lamp.

  • Atomized spray head
  • Accurately marks product with volume control
  • 1 ms response time
  • Compact design
  • Gun dimensions: 107 mm (4.25 in) x 50 mm (2 in)