Miqro Controller Line

Cold Glue Application Only Controller

The new Leary MIQRO is a cost effective, 4 channel extrusion controller capable of driving high power valves including Quantum high speed, cold glue valves. It has versatile glue pattern options and many advanced features previously only available in Leary’s larger Array series controllers.

The multi-language MIQRO controller delivers pattern accuracy at +/- 1mm up to 600m/min, and is suitable for a wide range of gluing applications including Folding Carton, Print Finishing, Corrugated Box and Web Offset.

The simple button layout and easy-to-read backlit display of the MIQRO allows the user to quickly and easily set new jobs, adjust parameters and view production information.

  • 4 channels / 4 valve outputs
  • 4 patterns per channel
  • Each pattern output can lay down a line
  • 1 trigger input per channel
  • Suitable for use with Leary’s cold glue valves
  • Suitable for use with all Robatech hotmelt valves, excluding SpeedStar
  • Efficiently designed controller interface
  • Meets all EMC, RoHS and CE Requirements