Hot Melt Jetting Valves

Accurate hot melt adhesive application

Speedstar Diamond Jetting Head

The SpeedStar Diamond is the latest electronic jetting head for applying thermoplastic adhesives in beads and dots.

Extremely reliable and robust, it maintains exceptional speed and accuracy even at very high temperatures up to 185°C and viscosities up to 2,500 mPas. The integrated electronics and LED display monitors the head’s condition. Learn more at

  • Very long lifecycle up to 250 million cycles (depending on adhesive)
  • Operates at temperatures up to 185°C
  • Capable of handling adhesive viscosities from 100 – 2,500 mPas
  • Hydraulic pressure up to 75 bar
  • Internal filter eliminates blocked nozzles
  • Special ‘CoolTouch’ housing reduces risk of harm to operators
  • Up to 800 dots per second
  • Hot melt detection available with iTac IR