Sempre-i Glue Valve

Cold Glue Application

Leary’s new Sempre-i cold glue valve is electronically powered to offer the highest range of glue viscosity while continuing to deliver precise ±1 mm accuracy. At only 19.8 mm wide, the slim profile makes it the ideal choice for all your gluing needs. Ensure an optimal glue pattern with clean starts/stops and increased precision for small dot application.

  • Slim 19.8 mm wide valve body profile
  • Glue viscosity range 0.3 to 4 Pas (300 to 4,000 cps)
  • 1 billion cycle durability rating
  • Optimized flow for reduced stress on the adhesive
  • In-line purge button on cable for improved operator safety
  • Integrated Valve ID chip for Predictive Maintenance Intelligence (LinQ controller required)
  • Built-in LED for simplified diagnostics
  • Precise micro adjustment of adhesive quantity