Rotary Ejector

Accurate Product Tracking and Rejection Removal System

The Rotary Ejector is ideal for ejecting a wide range of product at high speeds on most makes and models of machines. The “Max” rotary ejector can remove product at speeds in excess of 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min). The high torque motor with variable speed control consistently pulls out single or multiple defects.

This rejection device works with all Leary controllers and is programmed to operate only when the gluer is running. Unlike other rotary devices, the “Max” ejector pulls the product out in a linear motion eliminating potential jams due to carton stalling or excess rotation. This rejection solution is not recommended for 4-corner cartons or 6-corner boxes.

  • Less than 15 ms response time
  • Variable speed control
  • Retrofit to most folder-gluers
  • Multiple rotary ejection options based on glue model
  • Rated at 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min)