Quantum Glue Valve

Cold Glue Application

Leary’s Quantum cold glue valves use a micro-adjust stroke that delivers up to a 1mm gluing accuracy when using extrusion grade glue. These valves are adaptable enough to be used with high, medium, or standard pressure systems. The easily-adjustable mounting hardware and slim 22.5mm valve body profile make it the ideal choice for most machines.

The two piece nozzle not only makes cleaning and changeovers simple, its 45mm long nozzle also gives the flexibility to glue in even the tightest of spaces.

Choose the valve that best ensures a perfect glue application solution for your product. Quantum Gold is optimal for specialty applications with extremely complex gluing patterns at high speeds, and where higher power consumption is not an issue. For most other applications, Quantum Platinum is the preferred valve.

  • Micro-adjust stroke
  • (+/-) 1mm gluing accuracy
  • 1.5 millisecond cycle time
  • 2-piece, 45mm nozzle provides gluing flexibility and quick cleaning
  • Slim profile with easily adjustable mounting hardware