Corrugated Box Solutions

Quality Assurance for Flexo-Folder Gluers

W. H. Leary offers multiple controller options for corrugated boxes produced on Flexo Folder Gluers. Leary’s quality assurance solution is designed to not only deliver quality boxes to your customers but to also increase throughput and reduce box spoilage. Leary’s expandable systems are designed to grow with you as your requirements change.

Managing jobs is kept simple with the user-friendly interface and software program. The interface accesses all control features and shows an image of the box based on measurements entered. Box measurements are taken from operator’s production sheets to easily enter box values and begin quality application and detection. All job set-ups are automatically stored according to job or item number for quick access for repeat jobs.

Guarantee box quality with Leary’s SureSCAN Technology to account for every single product as it enters, travels through and leaves the production line to receive 100% inspection. Any product that does not conform to specified standards is rejected using host machine rejection or spray rejection for manual removal.