iQ Carton Serialization

Unique serialized code printed on each carton to deliver complete product information.

Adding a unique serial number to every carton on the folder gluer, iQ Carton Serialization allows manufacturers to produce a Certificate of Analysis for each individual carton produced.

This revolutionary product from Leary, using Domino inkjet technology, provides a level of detail never available before. Complete process information about each carton, right down to the precise gluing and quality assurance tolerances is available, even months later.

Accessible with Leary’s iQ cloud service, this report allows carton producers to understand the root cause of customer complaints and offer corrective action responses in minutes.

Provide answers about each Individual Carton:

  • When was this carton produced?
  • What machine was it produced on?
  • What detection was activated?
  • Was the alarm on?
  • Was the carton before/after good or bad?
  • What were the critical job settings?
  • When was the last machine stop?