Jet Series Glue Valve

The Jet200 and Jet205 are non-contact glue valves capable of handling a wide range of emulsion adhesive viscosities. These valves are ideal for applications where higher viscosity adhesives and higher pressures are required. The Jet200 and Jet205 valves can be fitted with high, medium or standard pressure systems. Each incorporates multi-point pressure control, back pressure relief and low speed spotting, ensuring accurate volume control over the machines speed range.

These Jet valves have features designed to reduce set-up times and maintenance:

  • Water flushing option to improve system start-ups and reduce maintenance
  • Trigger (photocell) and glue detection sensor can be mounted on the valve
  • Versatile bracketry and product guides
  • Jet200: Micro-Adjust Stroke
  • Jet205: Non-Adjust Valve
  • High Accuracy
  • Fast response for pattern flexibility at high speeds

Jet100 Valve

The Jet100 is a compact, non-contact glue valve capable of handling low to medium viscosity adhesives and mid-range pressures.

  • Compact Size
  • High Accuracy
  • Fast Response for Pattern Flexibility at High Speed