iTac M06 Side Seam Glue Detection

Side Seam Glue Detection

The iTac M06 with QUAD Amplifier works in conjunction with MAQ+ and Array Controllers to provide accurate readings of glue placement, including skips and volume applied by a glue pot (wheel).

The M06 with QUAD Amplifier glue scanner is immune to color variation in the product and requires no UV additives to the glue. A built-in shuttle feature is used to set up the station and test the performance by offsetting the sensor from the glue line for zero adjustments and online validation.

Whether you are scanning for pot or extrusion applications, our iTac line of interchangeable optical heads gives you the flexibility needed for scanning any type of glue pattern.

  • Machine speeds greater than 200,000 CPH / 650 m/min (2,150 FPM)
  • Integrated shuttle for setup and system validation
  • Detects skips as short as .08 in (2 mm)
  • Detects lines as narrow as .04 in (1 mm)
  • Immune to color variation
  • Remote teach capability