Monet Operating Software

Glue Application and Detection Pictorial Software

Leary’s goal is to give operators a tool to enable them to decrease make-ready time and improve quality and efficiencies. Our Array and MAQ controllers, with cutting edge gluing and inspection technology, are paired with Monet software, an interface that is so simple to use that it delivers an immediate cost savings.

MONET operating software has been creatively designed to include features that ensure carton quality is maintained as simply as possible. Intuitive technology to deliver defect-free cartons while increasing production and decreasing downtime.



Simple  gluing  setup  with  single  page  access  to  all  settings  needed  to  apply  accurate  glue  patterns  at  any  speed.  QA  function  such  as  barcode,  inserts  and  flaps  use  the  same  easy  to  learn  interface.

Learn carton measurements during the make-ready and automatically program where the glue starts and stops. Images are  dynamic  and  scaled  to  the  carton  on the screen.




Maintain   carton   quality   by   allowing   only  approved  fingerprints  access  to  critical settings. Record and time stamp any  system  and  setting  changes  and  view the change log in iQ.

Increase glue detection capabilities by monitoring for presence, placement and volume. Decrease glue usage and ensure against unnecessary squeeze out and stickers.



Ensure that each gluing and quality control station is functioning. Cartons are tracked through the machine and if they haven’t been passed by every detection station, they will be rejected.

Track the defective carton to the rejection device and automatically clear the machine after a stop. Choose from separate machine or feed stop to ensure quality is maintained without impeding production.


Download the Monet OS Brochure 


Version 2.10 benefits include increased setting security, additional machine shutdown options, and machine downtime reports.

Download the Monet 2.12 Software Upgrade Brochure 

Download the Monet 2.11 Software Upgrade Brochure

Download the Monet 2.10 Software Upgrade Brochure