LS-916 with Monet OS Controller

Array LS-916 with Monet OS Combination Controller

Leary's Array LS-916 with Monet OS combination controller is a powerhouse controller designed specifically for beverage carriers and multi-panel cartons. With expandability up to 16 patterns and 16 valve outputs, this system will address your most complex gluing and detection needs.

The LS-916 controller can link any combination of 16 glue valve patterns and 16 quality assurance stations. Integrating glue application and detection with our patented On-Target technology will automatically keep your desired glue line from moving off the target area of the carton.

Best practices for maintaining carton quality can now take place at the gluing and quality assurance stage of the finishing process. SeQure ID secure control access uses fingerprint reading technology, built in to Leary's touch screen control panel, to provide access to controller settings, which were previously only password protected. Only those with an approved security level can access these settings and the inevitability of passwords becoming general knowledge is eliminated.

iQ Cloud-Based Data Collection Software is available, allowing you to analyze production data such as job tracking, production totals, total waste, down codes, defects and more.



Download the Array LS-916 with Monet OS Combination Controller Brochure

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