UV40 Glue Sensor

Glue Detection Sensor

The UV40 glue sensor works in conjunction with our MAQ+ or Array controllers as well as series 8000 and 9000 controllers. With a new aluminum housing, this sensor is now more durable than ever.

The luminescence sensor has LED reference displays which are designed to simplify programming and setup, as well as offer signal strength indication. Sensitivity adjustments can now be made through the Monet operating system or manually. Two programmable buttons simplify the operation of these user-friendly scanning devices.

The UV40’s power and simplicity make it the preferred sensor for UV detection of glue, labels, varnish and more.

  • Machine speeds greater than 200,000 CPH / 650 m/min
  • Positional accuracy of (+/-) .04 in (1mm) @ 650 m/min
  • Analog output for volume detection display
  • Digital UV strength display
  • Easy to use, two button operation
  • Adjust sensitivity with remote communication through the Monet OS
  • Remote teach and fine-tune adjust sensor through Monet interface