iTac IR Hot Melt Detection

Hot Melt Glue Detection with Quad Amplifier

The iTac IR-2L is a highly advanced hot melt glue detector using infrared technology. It is capable of detecting for glue absence, presence, placement and volume at line speeds in excess of 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min).

Used in conjunction with our MaQ+ and Array line of controllers, this scanner takes a comparison reading between the substrate and hot melt adhesive immediately after application.

The iTac IR-2L works well with the wide range of Robatech hot melt applicator heads, including Coating Head Solutions, Silicone Release Liner Solutions and others.

  • High speed detection
  • 1 mm (.04 in) @ 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min)
  • Glue volume detection
  • Remote amplifier for sensitivity adjustments
  • Used with all Leary MaQ+ and Array controllers