LearyVIEW Braille

Braille Inspection Solution

The LearyVIEW Braille Inspection system combines the most powerful and innovative technologies to achieve inline Braille detection at full production speeds. With the touch of a button the Braille is learned, decoded and displayed on the screen to be verified as correct by the operator. Once this master is accepted, every subsequent carton is scanned to verify a perfect match.

The LearyVIEW system delivers impeccable quality assurance, checking each and every Braille dot to guarantee all the dots are in exactly the correct position relative to one another and to the carton panel.

Achieve cutting edge quality assurance and performance with the LearyVIEW Braille Inspection system by ensuring Braille remains constant in every way.

  • Up to 150,000 cartons/hr
  • 5 or 8 line Braille option
  • Up to 50 characters per line
  • Monitors embossed presence, placement and register
  • Simple operator setup
  • Flexible mounting for various machine positions
  • Integrated with Array systems