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The evolution of Leary controllers and the advancements in folding carton technologies cannot be mentioned without considering the extensive software development that has evolved the user interface into what it is today. Increased demands for new package design as well as the efficiencies in which product is produced have created a growing need for innovative software capabilities.
Monet™ Operating System from W. H. Leary has become the premier graphical user interface of the control system and separates our brand in glue application and quality assurance for the folding carton market. In addition to creating a user-friendly experience, Monet offers technological advancements that drive efficiency, sustainability and automation while maintaining simplicity to minimize operator training.
"The beauty of the Monet OS is two-fold. It contains complex software technologies to deliver the most efficient and advanced solutions. Monet continues to preserve the ease of use of these technologies for application at the operator level. The user is always the first consideration in the advancement of software technology”, says Andy Sims, Director of Product and Market Development for Leary.
Monet 2.12, the latest software upgrade release, focuses on innovations to meet production deadlines and improve quality. The visual representation of the rejected carton, displaying the exact defect occurrence has always been a key feature in Monet. New to Monet 2.12 is the storage of these images, allowing operators to review graphical representations of past rejects to make quicker informed decisions when troubleshooting machine issues and defect reasons.
With Monet 2.12, Leary’s iCode 2D Code Reader camera system now supports faster machine and product speeds with enhanced usability. The ability to set both the region of interest (ROI) and cropped fields of view (FOV) allows the camera to focus on the most refined detection areas possible. This update enables speed increases of 170,000 cartons per hour.
The most notable update to Monet 2.12 is the addition of iQ Alerts, an additional module of iQ Smart Services. This solution offers customizable real-time notifications when gluer or system conditions occur. These alerts are sent to users’ mobile devices, tablets, smart watches or emails keeping managers up to date on production or quality risks as soon as they occur.
Leary has designed the new iQ Alerts setup wizard to allow users to quickly configure alerts for the most common production issues that can impact on deadlines and delivery of quality cartons. These include excess machine downtime, increased spoilage, unmatched barcode occurrence, tolerance setting changes and system alarms being turned off. These alerts thus help manage these risks to product delivery, plant efficiency, waste, mixed product, and changes to parameters which could potentially lead to defects being ignored.
iQ Alerts notification frequency is also customizable to include immediate notification, specific setpoints for notices or a Daily Digest email of all determined conditions met. Managers can now stay connected to the factory floor, from anywhere, and at any time.
Leary brings these software upgrades to the market through improved glue application methods, new quality solutions and customer feedback to maximize efficient, profitable and sustainable automation.
For more information about iQ Alerts or other Monet 2.12 software updates, visit us at whleary.com.

USA | 3rd May 2021