MaQ Controller

MaQ+ Expandable Gluing and Detection Controller

MaQ+ with Extrusion Module

The MaQ+ (plus) controller serves a growing market of plants looking to expand their gluing and / or quality assurance capabilities. The ease of controller expandability makes the MaQ+ the most cost-effective solution with minimal initial investment expenses and future flexibility for growth.

The MaQ+ comes standard as a base unit with three configuration choices; detection only, extrusion only, or combination extrusion and detection to produce 100% fit-for-use product.

This solution can be fully expanded to eight extrusion outputs and three detection inputs - the largest in this controller range. The MaQ+ is ideal for gluing and / or detection on folder gluers, folding machines, die-cutters, bag plants, tray former machines and more. This easy-to-use solution quickly and efficiently implements into your plants quality and productivity objectives. (Image shown with glue extrusion option)


  • Available in Gluing, Detection or Combination configuration
  • Up to 11 total I/O (3 detection inputs, 8 extrusion valves)
  • Monet software interface
  • Simple make ready set up times
  • iQ Smart Services compatible
  • 70+ detection options including barcode reading, glue and more
  • Minimal hardware investment
  • Expandable gluing module

Detection Only Configuration:

Extrusion Only Configuration:


Download the MaQ+ Brochure

Download the MaQ Detection Only Package Solution

Solution Application Packages

Code Reading for Die Cutters

MaQ barcode detection on a die cutterThe MAQ detection configured solution with Monetâ„¢ OS is a cost-effective system that delivers seamless quality assurance on die cutters. Easily detect mixed sheet, blank sheet, wrong load and reverse load sheets to provide a vital check for unglued jobs. Detect quality issues early and upstream.

The system is easy to learn with Monetâ€â„¢s simple setup and offers descriptive failure reason messages. The machine is stopped for any non-compliant sheets, allowing for easy removal of the sheet.




Download the MaQ Mixed Copy Detection for Die Cutters