MAQ Detection Only Controller

MAQ Detection Only Controller

The MAQ™ Detection Controller with Monet OS is available with any of the 70+ monitoring options available from Leary to produce 100% fit-for-use cartons. All triggers and encoders are monitored through our closed loop SureScan™ technology, guaranteeing 100% inspection.

iQ™ Smart Services is available, with remote support and cloud-based data collection, providing data such as job tracking, production totals, down codes, defects and more.

Choose from over 70 detection options to complete your system including glue, 1D and 2D barcode, pharmacode, cello, skew, double feed, LearyVIEW Glue, LearyVIEW Braille and more. The MAQ controller comes standard with Jam and Overlap detection, electronically monitoring carton flow.


MAQ Code Reading for Die Cutters

The MAQ™ detection solution with Monet™ OS is a cost-effective system that delivers seamless quality assurance on die cutters. Easily detect mixed sheet, blank sheet, wrong load and reverse load sheets to provide a vital check for unglued jobs. Detect quality issues early and upstream.

The system is easy to learn with Monet’s simple setup and offers descriptive failure reason messages. The machine is stopped for any non-compliant sheets, allowing for easy removal of the sheet.


  • Detection accuracy at 11,000 sheets/hour
  • Machine shutdown, alarm and beacon for faulty sheets


Download the MAQ Detection Only Controller Brochure

Download the MAQ Detection Only Basic Quality Assurance System Brochure

Download the MAQ Detection Only Controller for Die Cutters Brochure