High Pressure Pump with GRU

High Pressure CXU 110 Pump with GRU

The High Pressure glue feed system utilizes advanced glue feed technology via communication between the GRU, pump and controller for real time control of glue pressure.

Communication between the GRU, pump and controller allows for real time monitoring of glue pressure. Pressure requirements can be programmed and maintained throughout a wide speed range.

Used with our Array™ Series controllers and Quantum™ high speed glue valves, this regulation system gives you extremely accurate glue line volume control. Adaptability to a variety of glue requirements is an important component of this delivery system. The High Pressure Pump eliminates puddling, glue line variation, glue pattern drifting and maintains pressure continuity, creating a consistent glue line pattern.

The A-model requires Monet software version 2.9. The B-model requires Monet software version 2.8 with the current update.


*The viscosity range quoted relates to this product only. For viscosity ranges for the complete system, please also check the relevant glue valve data.


Upgrade and Rebuild Kits:

Available as an upgrade kit to utilize an existing 2:1 or 5:1 GRU, the CXPP 110 replaces the original 4:1 or 9:1 pump. The new high performance pump shaft seals are designed to be long lasting and can be changed in the field in minutes, eliminating long downtimes and high costs for rebuilds.


Download the High Pressure Pump with GRU Brochure

Download the Pump Upgrade CXPP Brochure