Sempre-i Cold Glue Application

Sempre-i Glue Application with Predictive Maintenance Intelligence

SEMPRE-i from W. H. Leary Company on Vimeo.

Leary’s new Sempre-i cold glue valve is electronically powered to offer the highest range of glue viscosity while continuing to deliver precise ±1 mm accuracy. At only 19.8 mm wide, the slim profile makes it the ideal choice for all your gluing needs. Ensure an optimal glue pattern with clean starts/stops and increased precision for small dot application.

The Sempre-i valve and Leary Monet software revolutionize the glue application market by offering Predictive Maintenance Intelligence. This allows users to receive information on when to perform maintenance, ensuring the highest levels of usability and unparalleled longevity of 1 billion cycles. The Sempre-i stores detailed cycle information that is easily accessible from the Monet operator screen. Alerts with customizable set points appear as pop-up windows, offering accurate and timely warnings.

When used in conjunction with the CXU-110 Pump & GRU, which also uses Predictive Maintenance Intelligence, users can ensure the optimum overall effectiveness of all glue application components. An in-line purge button is included, positioned on the cable assembly away from moving machinery, to ensure operator safety.



Download the Sempre-i Glue Application Brochure