Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance and Inspection Solutions

Automated quality inspection enables you to maximize productivity safely.

At high machine speeds - and with increasing levels of automation - it is often difficult and sometimes impossible for product quality to be checked at key locations in your production line. This can, at best, increase your spoilage and downtime and, at worst, be the cause of customer complaints.

Leary Array™ quality assurance systems provide you with a secure means of scanning every single product for multiple defects automatically on the run, ensuring that you are the first to know about any potential problems - not your customer!

On detection of a non-conforming product, the Array™ system has the ability to track that product through the production line and to a position where it can be automatically rejected or marked for manual removal.

Inspection options and configurations are virtually unlimited with Leary; where your application is unique, the Array™ system can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Our quality assurance systems are designed to help you guarantee product quality whilst simultaneously boosting efficiency and profits.


Download the Quality Assurance Detection Options Brochure