iCode 2D Code Reader

Camera technology for 1D and 2D codes

The iCode 2D Code Reader uses state of the art camera technology to scan 1D and 2D codes at maximum production speeds.

Using “click and drag” programming features, setting up a new job is seamless. Within seconds, the code is learned, read and displayed in the Monet operating software.

The iCode 2D Code Reader provides superior quality assurance, scanning each code for mixed product and ensuring codes contain the same embedded information as the learned code.

Additionally, the iCode camera can read codes with variable data, identifying if a code is readable yet unique to the individual product. This can be useful for serialized or track and trace products used in pharmaceutical cartons or for gaming promotions.

  • Inspect one and two dimensional barcodes
  • Can read codes in either orientation
  • Translate code data
  • Monitor for readable, yet unique/variable data codes
  • Can read codes up to 225,000 products per hour
  • Simple setup through the Monet operating system
  • Displays the image of the code
  • Two camera options based on code and speed specifications
  • Remote trouble-shooting with iQ Smart Services