LearyVIEW Print

LearyVIEW Print allows for 100% vision inspection at speeds of 760 m/min (2,494 ft/min) and is capable of detecting print quality, missing copy and color quality.

LearyVIEW Print can be used as a regulatory compliance tool and as a way to gain new customers who require a spot or blanket check on the entire printed side of a carton. With optical character recognition (OCR) and Delta E color inspection, this technology creates the complete solution for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other industries where flawless print and registration are required.

LearyVIEW Print can be installed in-line, or a mobile version, allowing for seamless retrofitting to your existing folder gluer. Achieve impeccable carton quality for your customers and brand owners.

  • Eye C Vision Technology Inspection
  • 100% inspection for print quality defects up to 400 m/min (1,300 ft/min)
  • Detects blemishes as small as 0.4 mm (1/64 in)
  • 4K or 8K option based on resolution and speed needs
  • Simple operator setup
  • Remote monitoring capability
  • Carton tracking for rejection
  • In-line retrofit solution to most existing folder gluers
  • Seamless retro-fitting to multiple machines with mobile solution
  • Ideal industries include pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and tobacco
  • Preventative Maintenance Program is recommended