Leary's Pharmacode reader and quality assurance system will protect against mixed copy, check for the absence and presence of color, measure print-to-cut registration in both the in-line direction and the cross machine direction. The scanner will read expanded Pharmacode at 900 m/min with print-to-cut accuracy of up to (+/-) .1mm (.004 in).

The color bar sequence and print-to-cut values are master learned with the touch of a button or they may be manually entered. Our MAQ, LS-4 or LS-916 controllers, when integrated, allow you to see real-time passed or failed code values.

The Pharmacode / Print-to-Cut solution is available in three bracket configurations. One option is suitable for applications where space is limited. The second option is specific to a Bobst gluer and the third option is a sword style guide which replaces the pre-break device on your gluer.



Download the Pharmacode Brochure