LearyVIEW Glue

LearyVIEW™ Glue Detection System

The LearyVIEW Glue inspection system monitors for glue inside and outside of a specified region of interest with the ability to set different tolerances for the front and the back of the glue patterns. This is a useful feature for beverage carriers to reduce waste by allowing some variation of less critical elements while keeping tight tolerances on those that need it. Using our intuitive and simple operating software, the camera solution is able to scan carton blanks, looking for all gluing defects as they travel through the machine.

New to launch is LearyVIEW Glue camera's ability to monitor for flaps and folds visible in the field of view. Detect the absence and presence of cutouts and ensure that folds have been correctly made, compared to the learned master image.

Glue outside of the target area or incorrectly folded cartons, can be identified and rejected to eliminate faulty cartons.



Download the LearyVIEW™ Glue Brochure