Laser 1D Code Reader

Laser 1D Code Reader

The Laser 1D Code Reader works in conjunction with MAQ+™, Array LS-4 and LS-916 controllers to provide accurate verification of all standard ANSI barcodes.

This barcode reader accurately scans for Good Read, No Read, Match, and No Match conditions. Each barcode scan is visually verified on the scanner. This is also a valuable setup tool for validating optimal scanner alignment.

All codes, whether scanned in the single or raster mode, are read several times guaranteeing reliability and accurate detection.

Reduce set up times for reoccurring jobs. Monet allows jobs with multiple item numbers to store barcode settings and strings in the item number along with gluing, detection and other pertinent job settings. This feature is useful for reoccurring jobs and is available with all Monet enabled controllers using a Laser 1D scanner. Enable this feature in System Setup when choosing the logic for the barcode station, installer password is required. Monet version update may be required.

Add barcode strings directly from Production Reports. Barcodes are often learned through the Master Learn feature of Monet. While this feature is simple to use and reliable, there may be instances when an operator inadvertently learns a barcode from an incorrect carton. Leary offers the ability to send the barcode string for the intended job directly from the PDF job/production report, as opposed to manually learning during set up. This further reduces set up time and ensures the intended barcode for the specific product does not get re-learned during production. System settings also prohibit the use of Master Learn for barcodes if desired.




Download the Laser 1D Code Reader Brochure