Leary's glue application and detection controllers range from the most economical, extrusion only systems to the most versatile, integrated solutions.

Our extrusion only, MIQRO™ controller is designed for numerous applications including spine, direct mail, leaflet and peelable and offers up to a 4 valve configuration. The systems is easy to install and an ideal replacement for existing Pafra™ extrusion controllers including the PDC, APC, MPC and PC-4 / 8.

Enhanced with SureSCAN technology, our larger Array™ systems deliver in all areas. Array™ controllers are capable of handling multiple quality assurance and glue application tasks at the fastest machine speeds, offering total control at your fingertips. These systems operate through a 15" (38cm) color touch-screen, utilizing Leary's highly intuitive Monet™ operating software.

Array™ systems can be specified as either a gluing or quality assurance system or as a fully-integrated gluing and quality assurance controller and most Array™ systems can be upgraded at any time in the future, enabling extra functions as your requirements change.

Each of our integrated systems come equipped with Leary's patented software technologies - ensuring delivery of defect-free cartons and increased production rates, using the latest extrusion and quality assurance technologies available on the market.