Cold Glue Valves

Glue Application Valves

For standard or high speed runs, Leary's range of extrusion valves are engineered to meet every quality demand.

Our new Quantum™ Series cold glue valves are designed for high speed applications and have set a new industry standard in the folding carton market.

We also offer the Jet™ Series cold glue valves with micro adjust stroke or non-adjust valves.

New Sempre-i  Cold Glue Valve

Leary’s Sempre™ cold glue valve is unique to the industry in quality and function. The Sempre-i is specifically designed to increase production efficiency and decrease machine downtime and waste with features such as CleanStart, remote valve purge and Predictive Maintenance Intelligence.

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Quantum™ Cold Glue Valve

Leary’s Quantum™ cold glue valves eliminate problems caused by glue tailing and use a micro-adjust stroke that delivers up to a 1mm gluing accuracy when using extrusion grade glue. These valves are adaptable enough to be used with high, medium, or standard pressure systems.

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JET™ Series Extrusion Valves

JET™ non-contact glue valves are capable of handling a wide range of emulsion adhesive viscosities. Ideal for applications which require higher viscosity adhesives and higher pressures and flexible for use with high, medium or standard pressure systems.

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Junction Box

Leary's Junction Box option allows glue valves to be easily moved between multiple sections of the machine or from machine to machine. 


Quantum™ Brochure

Jet100™ Brochure

Jet200™ and Jet205™ Brochure

Junction Box Brochure

Why Extrusion?

In addition to the reduction of adhesive usage and waste, we have compiled a list of key reasons to make the switch from glue pot to extrusion. Click here to find out more.