Window Detection

Leary’s Window (Cello) detection station works in conjunction with all Array™ and MAQ™ controllers using Monet software interface to ensure the cellophane window covers the entire cut-out area on the carton. This sensor detects for presence and/or placement of cello to determine if there are any variations such as missing, misplaced, or skewed window detection at line speeds in excess of 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min).
Sensor options include basic absence/presence, detecting for the start and end position of the cut cello with 1 sensor, or using 2 sensors to detect any skew and verify alignment of the cut cello.



  • Window / Cello detection at 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min)
  • Detect for presence and/or placement of cello
  • Option to detect for skew and side to side placement
  • Detect cello on white or colored board
  • Can detect printed cello (glare type)
  • Machine specific mounting



Download the Window Detection Brochure