Remote Beacon Light Tower

Remote Beacon Light Tower

Remote BeaconThe Remote Beacon light tower is a visual management tool that works in conjunction with LS-4 and LS-916 controllers and is compatible with most versions of the Monetâ„¢ operating system. By plugging right into the RS-485 LDC port on the back of the controller, the Remote Beacon light tower integrates with the Monetâ„¢ operating system to provide continuous real time system status updates.

The Remote Beacon light tower consists of four colors which each represent a different quality checkpoint. For example, the tower can be customized to communicate with the bar code station, rejection, glue detection, or simply to show that the machine is down. When the system detects a suspect carton in its respective region, one of the lights will blink on and off for a specified time or until the system is reset. Receive instant system status notifications on each line using the visual beacon light tower.



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