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W. H. Leary Company, supplier of cold glue application and quality assurance solutions along with Nosco (Waukegan, IL) a digital paperboard packaging supplier of pharmaceutical packaging, were recently faced with a unique opportunity to quickly deliver a COVID-19 carton needed for supporting the marketplace. 

Nosco had been assigned the task of running 250,000 of these cartons for their supplier with a short deadline based on the massive marketplace demands. 

The pharmaceutical style carton required 14 separate glue patterns as well as quality assurance monitoring.  One solution would be to use the plant’s existing Leary Array™ controller equipped with eight gluing and detection patterns, but Nosco would need to run each carton through the gluer twice. Running 250,000 pieces through two times was simply time prohibitive. 

Nosco contacted Leary to figure out how to best make this application work, noting that production would need to run in three business days to meet their deadline – they asked for "all hands-on deck” to work for a solution.  Leary provided an Array LS-924 controller which has the capability of 24 glue patterns with detection, as was needed. Leary would build, test and ship this controller along with additional gluing and detection stations, in just two days. 

The necessary material was delivered for quick installation by a Leary technician and Nosco was able to successfully deliver the required number of COVID-19 cartons to their customers. 

"It was a joint effort with a great customer [Nosco] and the great team we have at Leary. Both companies came together to problem solve and it exemplifies the strong partnership we have,” states Kevin Leary, President/CEO of W. H. Leary Company.
"Thank you to Nosco, its employees and all of the paperboard packaging workforce for continuing to service our packaging consumer demands. Together we are making a difference!”

USA | 1st June 2020