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Leary’s iQ™ Smart Services offers cloud-based data solutions for folding carton producers looking to make informed production decisions saving plants time and money. 

Offered as a subscription service, iQ Smart Services includes modules to help plants gain a better understanding of their glue application and detection processes related to machine operation. Real time data streams from the production floor are directly sent to your browser or hand-held smart device for report availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The iQ Dashboard module delivers production data via concise reports including machine uptime, production counts, reject totals, failure by type and spoilage. These reports give managers quick, easy reporting of current and archived production to immediately address problems or use the data to spot trends and make long-range production decisions with recorded savings of $1 million per year at some plants.

All recorded data can be accessed as raw data or used with your existing ERP system via the iQ Integration module. Folder gluer OEM’s such as Bobst that offer their own data solutions can access Leary iQ data to optimize gluer and application / QA equipment.

Specific and immediate carton analysis is available through the iQ Carton Serialization module that adds a unique serial number to every carton on the folder gluer, generating a Certificate of Analysis for each carton produced.  Using Domino inkjet technology, Leary provides a level of detail never available before. Complete process information about each carton, down to the precise gluing and QA tolerances is provided allowing carton producers to understand the root cause of customer complaints and offer corrective action responses in minutes. 

Leary has further developed its LearyVIEW™ Glue detection camera solution with enhanced features including the ability to set different tolerances for the front and back of glue patterns.  This feature allows manufacturers to reduce waste by allowing some variation of less critical elements while keeping tight tolerances on areas that need it, which is often useful in beverage carriers. This solution additionally monitors for flaps and folds visible in the camera’s field of view. Detect for absence and presence of cutouts and ensure that folds have been correctly made vs. the learned master image. 

These technologies and other glue application and quality assurance solutions can be purchased through the worldwide Robatech Sales and Service network including European, Asian and Oceania countries and through Leary directly in North America and LATAM markets.


USA | 16th November 2017