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How Leary is helping make sustainable changes a reality for Paperboard Packaging 

W. H. Leary teams up with leading paperboard packaging innovators to bring sustainable options to many impactful corners of the marketplace. 
Amazon, the largest online e-commerce retailer, continues to revolutionize the industry with the production of their completely-recyclable paper mailers. This sustainable packaging material replaces the previous hard-to-recycle bubble pack mailers (paper laminated in plastic bubbles). The new design needed to be 100% recyclable, give flexibility for easy packing while providing protection for the items within. The final package design cushions expandable adhesive between layers of recyclable paper which protects the contents inside – and remains recyclable. 

Engineered with choice vendors, Leary contributed to this new recyclable paper mailer initiative by delivering extrusion capabilities for the unusual Henkel EPIX™ technology compound required for success of this packaging design. Leary Array controls were outfitted with Sempre-i cold glue valves and a custom developed glue delivery system to achieve the eco-friendly padded paper mailers on an Eco Mailer™ production line. Leary’s products and technologies offer repeatability, longevity and precise glue regulation – proving to be vital in the implementation of this solution. The Amazon paper mailers are reaching homes, reducing waste and reducing carbon foot print.

In addition, Graphic Packaging Incorporated has launched their new KeelClip™ beverage can wrap. This is the latest innovation in paperboard packaging to replace single-use plastic for beverage can carriers. The paper fastener replaces plastic ring tops and shrink wraps while keeping the top of the product completely covered and increasing branding area.

A Leary Array controller with Robatech Concept Diamond hot melt tanks and SpeedStar Diamond heads maintains accurate application and provides inline quality inspection of the process. A strong adhesive bond, system ease-of-use and hardware integration contributed to Leary’s provided solution. 

"Leary is honored to be a part of these projects, using our technologies to participate in these new innovations that solidify the need for continued paperboard packaging innovations. We look forward to seeing how these solutions positively impact the environment” said Chris Leary - Director of Sales.

Sustainability in packaging challenges daily business operations, re-considering how goods and services are produced and delivered is necessary for the betterment and maintenance of a balanced environment. In a study conducted by National Geographic in 2018, "A whopping 91% of plastic isn’t recycled.” The 273 tons of plastic product that goes unrecycled every year is overfilling our landfills and potentially polluting our oceans.  

"As plastic alternatives are being developed, becoming a preferred packaging option, paperboard has an opportunity to innovate and thrive like never before.” Kevin Leary - CEO, says, "W. H. Leary is proud to have an impacting role in the preservation of our planet”

USA | 20th August 2020