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Leary’s iQ Alerts, a new subscription of iQ Smart Services, sends customizable production notifications to your smart watch, phone or computer. These user-determined notifications alert managers at the earliest occurrence of a production problem.  Managers staying connected to plant floor operations is imperative to meet production deadlines and Leary’s iQ alerts solves this for you.
iQ Alerts allows users to easily monitor the most known indicators of impeding production time and quality. Excessive machine downtime, high amounts of spoilage per shift and unmatched barcodes are production indicators that require immediate action. 
In addition, if a quality tolerance setting is altered or an alarm meant to identify a defect is turned off, a customer could receive a faulty product. Managers that are notified of these changes can more quickly and closely monitor production. Action may be taken, reducing downtime and waste while helping meet production targets and maintain timelines.
iQ Alerts utilizes a simple setup wizard to immediately begin receiving production notifications. A Daily Digest email is also available to give users a recap on alert conditions met during a shift.
Managers no longer are disconnected to plant floor and operations – they are able to maintain processes, production and best practices. No matter where you are, iQ Alerts keeps users connected to production to ensure target delivers are met.
For more information, please visit www.whleary.com/iq-alerts

USA | 13th November 2020