WH Leary News

Chris Leary, Director of Sales, presented at Competence Days hosted by Versor and EyeC on May 22-23, 2018. This presentation focused on the blending of machine automation related to the process of gluing, quality assurance and data collection - an expertise of W. H. Leary.

Industry 4.0 in paperboard production environments, merge glue application and quality assurance automation with recorded and processed data exchange, a key component of Monet OS.

Monet, Leary’s simple yet intuitive operating software, uses state-of-the-art and patented technologies to deliver 100% defect free cartons. The same controller and software expands to include data collection with iQ Smart Services. Monitor, record and produce reports to make informed carton production decisions.

Leary has seen positive and continued growth in the Polish market through the Robatech Gluing Systems distributor in Gliwice, Poland. For a gluing and quality assurance consultation in Poland, please contact info@robatech.pl.


USA | 5th June 2018