WH Leary News

W. H. Leary Company launches its new campaign "Better Ideas Driven by Quality” to the marketplace. Leary has been at the forefront of gluing and detection solutions in the paperboard packaging industry for 35 years and has been developing engineering solutions for over 90 years. 

"Better Ideas Driven by Quality” expands on Leary’s ability to consistently develop an improved solution and approach, challenging both Leary and customer to develop more creative and efficient ways to operate. Quality will continue to remain at Leary’s core, delivering quality technology and solutions ensures our customer’s product quality to their customer. Leary offers solutions to customers wanting to maximize their internal quality processes and deliver quality product to their customers.

Leary will showcase this new campaign through their focus to continually be "Solution Driven”, offering a product line that is built with the most proactive, advanced design for hardware and software durability, adaptability and efficiency. Products and services will also align with "Sustainable Productivity”, preserving the full health and wellness of plant operations. Preventative maintenance technologies, unique software settings for reduced setup errors and partnering with paperboard packaging efforts to design eco-friendly packaging preserves resources and limits our footprint on the environment. Operating an efficient plant at all levels is sustainable. 

"Safeguarded Software” will maintain carton quality as simple as possible with operator fool-proof features and intuitive job setup to safeguard product output from human error or machine malfunction – delivering immediate cost savings. "Industry Standard Service and Support” continues to align with our customer’s needs, delivering attention to detail in all areas of the sales and support cycle along with quick turnaround time, technical training and consistent process improvement measures.

Leary will continue to offer out-of-the-box solutions to customers but will also expand product offerings as a whole. Leary’s next development of products will focus on a more holistic approach that comes from statistical data analysis resulting in more advanced hardware and software technology design. Product data analysis capability, available to customers via iQ and Monet OS, will also play an integral role in plant’s ability to make more informed improvement and process decisions, quickly impacting overall efficiency.

Forthcoming is Leary’s two new controller lines, additional statistical analysis tools, perfecting precision engineered glue application and wider faultless quality assurance technology.

"It is a time to thrive in paperboard packaging, the way customers purchase gluing and quality solutions and the way the solutions perform is evolving. The most powerful solution Leary can develop challenges the human mind to create an automated process that gives back to customers in efficiency and quality output, while ultimately making for a more sustainable and lasting process,” Kevin Leary, President / CEO, W. H. Leary Co.  

USA | 10th July 2020