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Have you ever shipped a gluing defect or a mixed carton to your customer? Are you equipped to provide corrective actions and do you know the root cause of your customer complaints?
In the growing age of digital data demands, expectations to deliver quality cartons, reducing spoilage and maintaining a high level of OEE can seem difficult. Leary can help you navigate these growing demands with new technologies and solutions.
Visit Leary at booth #3755 during Print 17, Chicago, McCormick Place, September 10 – 14, 2017, for a unique demonstration showing how data driven solutions can immediately impact your production and efficiency. 

  • iQ Serialization prints a unique code on every carton and can produce a certificate of analysis.
  • iQ Dashboard gathers and analyzes production data producing multiple reports at your fingertips.
  • SeQureID allows for fingerprint secure access to master settings – all ensuring you can guarantee your customer’s quality and your plant’s profitability.

In addition to our line of data driven solutions, Leary will launch and display their new:

  •  CXU 110 all stainless steel Pump and GRU with long lasting seals and easy-to-maintain components.
  • Coating head solution for plants looking to add sealing or tape application to their product offering. See how Leary integrates hot melt, tape application and detection to your existing controller for an efficient and cost effective solution.
About Leary:

Maintaining the highest level of carton quality is easily achieved with the only closed-loop glue application & quality assurance systems for folding carton finishing lines. Array™ systems handle numerous tasks at maximum machine speeds, tracking and rejecting bad product to guarantee 100% fit for use cartons.

Over 70 QA options are available including detection for glue pattern and placement, mixed copy, code verification, windows, doubles, and inserts. LearyVIEW™ high end vision cameras offer full surface print inspection, complex glue pattern detection or Braille inspection. Array™ controllers are equipped with the intuitive Monet™ OS - the most easily understood interface on the market, significantly reducing setup and training times. 

Schedule an appointment with a Leary expert, or visit us at Booth #3755.

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USA | 26th July 2017