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The rise in e-commerce and the celebrated demand around on-line events such as CyberMonday and Amazon Prime week has drastically changed the landscape of the paperboard packaging market – particularly corrugated boxes. The next wave of change will be "zero packaging” according to researchers.
In a recent article, published on CNN Business online, Lydia DePillis writes about Amazon’s efforts to "improve its packaging and is pushing retailers to pack their products in a way that doesn’t require another box on top.”
The article further explains the initiative by Amazon’s 85-person team which works with product manufacturers to ensure their packaging is sufficient for door-to-door travel. Kim Houchens, chairing the push states, "My goal would be zero packaging of any type over the next couple of years…so that we don’t have redundant packaging added during the process.”
This initiative has Specialty Folder Gluer manufactures boosting efforts to help companies differentiate themselves in door-to-door packaging. Brand owners can now take advantage of every opportunity to showcase their message and branding with full color graphics. This increased demand for a more ‘marketable’ package means that quality margins have narrowed with printing, costs and labor increasing.
W. H. Leary Company offers a wide variety of gluing and quality assurance solutions for both high-speed, long run and short run demands of this growing box market. Choose from glue application, glue detection, silicone release liner, code reading, flap detection, print inspection and more to guarantee a 100% fit-for-use box. The system’s patented, fail-safe solutions guarantee every box is inspected by each detection station on the folder gluer. If needed, reliable rejection devices ensure that defective products are correctly identified for accurate product removal. Operation of these solutions quickly increases productivity and quality with Monet OS simple set up and intuitive software.

USA | 9th December 2019