JETPAK Glue Pot Replacement

JETPAK™ Glue Pot Replacement

The JetPak™ Glue Pot Replacement system provides a clean, operator-friendly replacement for heavy, bulky and expensive glue pots. This system also eliminates glue slinging problems.

The bracket configuration includes a Jet™ Series valve, a trigger and an optional glue scanner, all of which minimizes installation and set up time. A "cam-action" adjustment allows for easy cleaning and precise valve positioning.

The glue pot replacement system can be mounted on either side of the machine and fits most folder-gluers.


  • Fits most host machines
  • High speed
  • Reduces adhesive usage
  • Eliminates filling pots with glue
  • Enhances machine versatility
  • Eliminates glue slinging
  • Low maintenance
  • Glue detection available


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