iTac IR Hot Melt Detection

iTac IR-2L with QUADTM Amplifier

The iTac IR-2L is a highly advanced hot melt glue detector using infrared technology. It is capable of detecting for glue absence, presence, placement and volume at line speeds in excess of 650 m/min (2,150 ft/min).

Used in conjunction with our Array and MAQ line of controllers, this scanner takes a comparison reading between the substrate and hot melt adhesive immediately after application.

The iTac IR-2L works well with the wide range of Robatech hot melt applicator heads, including Coating Head Solutions, Silicone Release Liner Solutions and others.



Download the iTac IR Hot Melt Sensor Brochure Update

Download the Hot Melt Coating Head Solution Brochure

Download the Silicone Release Liner Solution Brochure