Hot Melt Application

Leary and Robatech Partnership

W. H. Leary Co., headquartered in Tinley Park, IL, USA and Robatech AG, headquartered in Muri, Switzerland, are leading cold glue and hot melt industries, respectively, with significant quality and experience within their business, perfectly complementing each other. Both companies follow the same vision of being technology leaders and providing market leading products, services and support. Leary and Robatech have joined forces in a worldwide partnership to service the packaging industries.

Within this partnership, Leary will sell, integrate and service the Robatech product range in North America, UK and several other strategic territories with a central focus on the paper converting industries. Robatech will represent Leary products worldwide with consultative sales, installation, parts and service.

Robatech hot melt equipment integrates with Leary controllers and technologies to provide the complete cold glue, hot melt and quality assurance solution for your folding carton lines.

Concept Stream

Concept Stream, Robatech's tankless melter for hot melt adhesives with Melt-on-Demand technology assures a fast heat-up time and an efficient and safe production with maximum uptime.

The tankless hot melt system is designed for melting and pumping of thermoplastic hot melt in granular form. It gently melts on demand and therefore is applicable for both high and low glue consumption applications. Thanks to the fast heat-up time of 16 minutes to 160°C the Concept Stream is quickly operational. In addition, the adhesive system achieves a high melting rate performance of 9 kg/h or 15 kg/h with minimum space. Click here for more information.

Innovative melting technology

Fast and efficient processing
  • Fast heat-up time (16 min) and standby function
  • Over 20% energy savings thanks to our GreenLine technology
  • Fill level supervision with unique run empty protection for maximum uptime
Highest operator safety
  • Safe manual filling by a CoolTouch adapter
  • CoolTouch insulated melting unit to minimize burning risks
  • Automatic pressure relief

Speedstar Diamond Jetting Head

The SpeedStar Diamond is the latest electronic jetting head for applying thermoplastic adhesives in beads and dots.

Extremely reliable and robust, it maintains exceptional speed and accuracy even at very high temperatures up to 185°C and viscosities up to 2,500 mPas. The integrated electronics and LED display monitors the head's condition. Click here for more information.

SX Diamond Jetting Head Series

The SX Diamond is an insulated electro-pneumatic jetting head for applying thermoplastic adhesives and hot melt PURs. Choose from the SX Diamond or SX LongLife jetting head.

This product is characterized by the small installation dimensions, the fast response and very good tear-off behavior. Click here for more information.


FK IT Coating Head

Double-acting, electro-pneumatic coating heads for coating using thermoplastic adhesives in the low- to medium-viscosity range.

The FK IT 25 / 50 / 75 coating heads ensure precise cut-off at high speeds and fast switching times (cycles). The gluing process is optimized using mask technology and a cost-effective and flexible adhesive application ensured. Click here for more information.


RobaVis Operating System

The new intuitive, graphic touchscreen allows for hot melt controls to be simplified and easily managed. Use RobaVis Host to integrate with Leary's Monet controller having all cold glue, hot melt and quality assurance controls at your fingertips.



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