High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

High Pressure Diaphragm Pump with GRU

The High Pressure Diaphragm Pump Glue Feed System is specially designed for applications where very high glue volume is required from a large number of glue valves such as beverage basket carrier cartons or other special applications.

Communication between the Glue Regulation Unit (GRU), pump and controller allows for real time control and monitoring of the glue pressure for application. The pressure requirements are programmed and maintained through the Monet controller operating system.

Used with Leary controllers and glue valves, this glue feed system allows for extremely accurate glue line volume control and pattern placement. The pump’s high adhesive flow, low cycle rate, and static seals maintain accurate application for an extended period of time with minimum maintenance. Downtime is kept to a minimum with a unique and easy to clean filter design.


*The viscosity range quoted relates to this product only. For viscosity ranges for the complete system, please also check the relevant glue valve data.



Download the High Pressure Diaphragm Pump with GRU Brochure