Double Carton | Skew | Flaps Detection

Double Carton | Skew Detection | Flaps Detection

Leary offers the widest range of detection solutions for producing 100% quality product and improving the carton making process.

Choose from our Productivity Enhancing Solutions which ensures each carton transfers through the machine optimally, minimizing jams and increasing throughput. All detection solutions are monitored through closed loop SureScan technology, which tracks and ensures each station is operating to its original intent; any product unmonitored or faulty is rejected.


Double Carton Detection

Double Carton Detection prevents unglued or misfolded cartons and machine jams due to double-fed cartons. Measure board thickness with option to shut down the machine or reject cartons to reduce waste.

Skew Detection

Skew Detection detects skewed cartons from the feed or turning section by monitoring left and right side skew and register shifts. Properly aligned cartons ensure accurate gluing placement and folding for 100% fit-for use cartons.

Flaps Detection

Flaps Detection monitors the entire length of the panel to ensure leading and training edges are undamaged. Ensure all flaps are intact and the absence/presence of cutouts. Reject or shut down the machine for faulty cartons.



Download Productivity Enhancing Solutions Brochure for Doubles | Skew | Inserts