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Solution Driven

For over 90 years, Leary has patented innovative technologies at the forefront of the paperboard packaging market. Leary offers the most expansive range of gluing, quality assurance, and data collection solutions for delivering quality cartons and other paper-based packaging.

Our product line is built with the most proactive, advanced design for durability, adaptability and efficiency. From controllers utilizing the most innovative internal processing software to rejection technologies which initiate precise single product removal; our solutions improve production, minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.



Sustainable Productivity

Running your plant at the highest level of productivity is sustainable when you decrease product waste, improve production processes and maximize your hardware assets. Focusing on the health and wellness of plant operations protect and preserve the long-term health of our environment. Leary identifies wear and tear for precise hardware preservation and utilizes unique software settings for reduced setup errors. Exact single removal of a defective carton can minimize waste.

In addition, Leary partners with environmentally driven suppliers to develop solutions that utilize the use of recycled paperboard such as new-to-market beverage paper fasteners and paper shipping envelopes.


Safeguarded Software

Leary engineers solutions with your greatest investments in mind – customers. Carton quality is maintained as simply as possible with fingerprint security, SureScan, fail-safe rejection and Monet software intuitiveness.

Array and MAQ controllers paired with our Monet Operating System gives operators the tools to decrease make-ready time, improve productivity, and safeguard product output from human error or machine malfunction – delivering an immediate cost savings. Utilize data solutions for continued statistical process and production improvement.



Industry Standard Service & Support

Offering unparalleled service and support to our customers with quality at our core, Leary always puts customers first. From the first glue detection solution specifically developed in response to solve a customer’s gluing complaint, to over 70 glue application and quality assurance solutions, Leary designs products with customers’ needs in mind.

Our customers agree that our optimal support is achieved through attention to detail and consistent process improvement measures. Leary delivers quick turnaround, remote log-in support, preventative maintenance programs and technical training to keep your plants running safely and efficiently.