Array Controllers

Array Glue Application and Detection Controllers

Enhanced with SureSCAN technology, our Array combination systems deliver in all areas. Array controllers are capable of handling multiple quality assurance and glue application tasks at the fastest machine speeds, offering total control at your fingertips. Our systems operate through a 15" (38cm) color touch-screen, utilizing Leary's highly intuitive Monet operating software.

Available in three basic formats, Array systems can be specified as either a gluing or quality assurance system or as a fully-integrated gluing and quality assurance controller. Array systems can be upgraded at any time in the future, enabling extra functions as your requirements change.

LS-924 Combination Controller

The powerhouse controller, designed for beverage carriers and multi-panel cartons. Expandable up to 24 patterns and 24 valve outputs to meet the most complex gluing and detection needs.

Download the Array LS-924 Combination Controller Brochure

LS-916 Combination Controller

Leary set a new standard for glue application and detection with the interactive LS-916 system which focuses on the quality, production, and data collection requirements of your customers.

This system supports any combination of 8 glue valve patterns and 16 quality assurance stations and integrates glue application and detection with our patented On-Target technology, which automatically keeps desired glue lines from moving off the target area of the carton.

Download the Array LS-916 Combination Controller Brochure

LS-904 Combination Controller

This controller can be specified as an extrusion or detection controller, or a combination of the two - giving you options for today and into the future.

Our patented On-Target automatic glue line correction software is a perfect match for the LS-904 combination controller for enhanced quality and productivity.

Download the Array LS-904 Versatile Controller Brochure


Download the Array LS-924 Combination Controller Brochure

Download the Array LS-916 Combination Controller Brochure

Download the Array LS-4 Versatile Controller Brochure

Download the Monet Glue Application & Detection Pictorial Software Brochure

Download the On-Target Glue Application and Detection Technology Brochure

Download the Upgrade LSI to SEQURE ID LSI Brochure

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