Leary provides accessories for your existing Leary controllers and solutions aimed at quickly improving folder gluer machine efficiencies related to the gluing and detection process. Choose from one or multiple products and solutions that ensure fully operable application and detection stations, improve carton job set-up times, increase machine up-time and help monitor controller system operations. For more information on Improving Production Efficiencies, click here.

Remote Multi Color Beacon Light

The Remote Beacon light tower is a visual management tool that works in conjunction with LS-4 and LS-916 controllers and is compatible with most versions of the Monet™ operating system. The four color indicators can be individual programmable for customized use to receive instant system status notifications. 

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Remote Teach for Glue Detection

Fine-tune adjust the sensitivity of glue detection sensors through the Monet touch screen to avoid crossing safety light curtains. Used with the UV40 and iTac glue sensors, operators can access LED meter sensitivity status, fine tune, coarse adjust and learn glue or background options with Monet.

Low Glue Level Alarm

Leary’s low glue level alarm monitors the adhesive level of extrusion glue in a 30L bucket. Ensure product never leaves your facility without missing glue due to an empty bucket. Audible and visual notice on Monet controller interface or an optional compact controller with audible notice of low glue level is available.

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Glue Fill Controller

The glue fill controller accurately monitors the adhesive level of any glue pot. The system monitors low, high, filling and non-filling conditions. Simply mount the sensor above the glue pot and the controller does the rest.

The controller also features an LED indication of the glue pot’s condition. Low and high level states are audibly and visually indicated through the alarm outputs on the controller.

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Water Flushing

Leary’s Water Flushing system eliminates downtime related to cleaning and increases operator efficiency. This unique cleaning system uses a three-way valve at the cold glue distribution manifold allowing for quick changeovers between gluing, water flushing and off modes.

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Junction Box

Leary's Junction Box option allows glue valves to be easily moved between multiple sections of the machine or from machine to machine.

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