Controller W. H. Leary offers a full line of Glue Application, Quality Inspection and Data Collection Products to help you deliver high quality boxes to your customers.
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The LS-Series Corrugated Controller offers a glue application, quality assurance and / or combination system built for your specific needs.  This simple to use controller with a color LCD touch panel is easily installed for immediate use. Managing pattern and valve outputs are kept simple with the user friendly interface and software program on the remote 15" LCD touch screen.


  • Enhance Existing Glue System with On-Target Valve Control Technology
  • Control Gluing and Inspection through a Single System
  • Image of Glue Pattern Shown on Screen
  • Production Graphs Include: Uptime, Rejects per Hour, Boxes per Hour and More
  • Guarantee Glue Placement and Amount of Glue on Each Box
  • Spray Rejection Option
  • Insight Data Collection Capable
Corrugated System Brochure


The user-friendly interface accesses all control features and shows an image of the box based on measurements entered.

  • Box measurements taken from operator's production sheets
  • Enter box values to begin quality application and detection
  • All job set-ups are automatically stored according to job or item number
  • May interface with host machine 
Live production information (box count, feet/min. and boxes/hour) and production graphs (rejects/hr, up-time/hr, failures, failure list and last failures) are all easily accessible from the main screen verifying gluing and detection performance.


Glue Application
Box Quality Inspection
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